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The YOU&i™ Support Program is a personalized program that includes information on access and affordability, nurse call support, and resources for patients being treated with IMBRUVICA®.

Your healthcare provider can help you enroll in this program before you start taking IMBRUVICA®. Be sure to ask your doctor, nurse, or office staff about enrolling in the YOU&i™ Support Program at your next appointment.

To learn more about patient enrollment and eligibility, visit

  • You can also call 1-877-877-3536, Monday through Friday, 8 am - 8 pm ET

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Once enrolled, you may receive:

Access Support

  • Provides you with rapid (2 business days) benefit investigation
  • Provides you information about the prior authorization process
  • Provides you information about insurance appeals process
  • Connects you to a specialty pharmacy
  • YOU&i™ Start Program: If you are experiencing an insurance coverage decision delay, this program may give you access to IMBRUVICA®
    • Eligible new patients who have been prescribed IMBRUVICA® for an FDA-approved indication, and who are experiencing an insurance coverage decision delay greater than 5 business days, can receive a free, 30-day supply of IMBRUVICA®
    • If decision delay persists, an additional free, 30-day supply may be provided
    • The free product is offered to eligible patients without any purchase contingency or other obligation

List of Specialty Pharmacies


Affordability Support

  • YOU&i™ Instant Savings Program: If you have commercial health insurance and meet eligibility requirements, you will pay no more than $10 per month* for IMBRUVICA®
    • *Month refers to a 30-day supply. Subject to a maximum benefit, 12 months after activation or 12 monthly fills (1-year supply), whichever comes first, unless the maximum dollar benefit has been reached
    • Not valid for patients enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid

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  • Foundation Referral: If you need additional financial support, we can provide you information on independent foundations that may be able to provide financial support

Other Resource

Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. (JJPAF) is committed to providing access to medicines for uninsured individuals who lack the financial resources to pay for them. If you need IMBRUVICA® and are uninsured and unable to pay for your medicine, please contact a JJPAF program specialist at 1-800-652-6227 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET, or visit the foundation website at to see if you might qualify for assistance.

Nurse Call Support & Resources

  • Informational phone calls with YOU&i™ Nurses about IMBRUVICA® and your disease
  • Ongoing tips, tools, and other resources sent through mail, e-mail, and text
  • Patient Starter Kits for new IMBRUVICA® patients